A half of Brazilian companies shall invest into robots

It is generally accepted, that the most developed economies primarily use the advantages of information technologies. Though, an inquiry among the Brazilian businessmen showed a considerable interest to introduction of the «Industry 4.0» components in the country. This is not the wealthiest country — a partner of Russia in the BRICS bloc — proves, that the forth industrial revolution shall cover all the world.
The businessmen inquiry was organized by the National Industry Confederation. It showed, that almost a half of Brazilian processing industry enterprises (48%) would aim at investing to the «Industry 4.0» technologies by the end of this year. This implies the mass integration of computation systems to the production processes, primarily, wide introduction of robots and large-scale data processing with artificial intelligence-based systems. So, Brazil now is ready to go, as ZDNet concludes.

NIC inquired the Heads of 632 organizations in order to figure out, how they apply new technologies in their production lines. 48% have pointed out, that they intend to invest into the data exchange technologies development and automation before the end of the year. 32% will not do that, while other 20% have left the question unanswered.

The interest is great primarily among those, who already tested the «Industry 4.0» elements — and are likely to feel their advantage. 96% from the businessmen, intending to invest, are already using separate information solutions.

The digital technologies production scope has also grown considerably: at the end of 2017, 73% were using them — for 10% more, then the year ago. This includes such elements as automation or integrated systems of development and production.

One of the research authors, Renato da Fonsequa draws a conclusion, that the processing industry of Brazil is yet at the early stages of the digital technologies integration, and the companies, ready for it, are often at the stage of development.

Though, he notes, that the evolution is already under way: «The process shall run gradually, and our data confirms it».

Penetration of the «Industry 4.0» is rather different, depending on the application sphere. Namely, 90% of organizations claim, that they use the digital technologies in management and production supervision. Nevertheless, the percentage drops down to 33 in terms of new products design or business-models introduction.

One more not rich state — the dependent from the USA island of Puerto-Rico — after a destructive hurricane «Maria» hopes to re-build all its electrical supply system on the basis of the most up-to-date technologies. The Government addressed to companies around the world with a request to build up the largest energy storage system of the island with the capacity of 200 MWt/hr, hoping to test a number of advanced solutions — from Tesla, Fluence, SunRun and other companies.

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