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10 October

Brazil gathered a record harvest of coffee

60 million bags of coffee beans (the average size of the «coffee bag» in the world is 60 kg) - this is the record harvest gathered this year in Brazil, which is known to be the largest coffee producer of coffee in the world.
60% of the harvest was exported, mainly to Germany, USA, Italy and Japan. 40% remained inside the country, which makes the Brazilian coffee market the second largest in the world – about 23 million bags of coffee are sold here annually. Brazil is behind only the US. But at the same time, according to Agencia Brasil, the export of unfinished product, but raw materials lead to low added value.
«Brazil is the largest exporter of raw coffee beans, which entails low added value because the product is sold almost immediately after a harvest. Production begins directly in the country where the product goes to», - explained the executive director of the Brazilian Coffee Industry Association (Abic) Natan Gershkovits.
According to the expert, Brazil needs to set up the production of ready-made coffee. According to his estimate, only instant coffee has added value, which accounts for only about 10% of coffee supplies from the country. He also rated the export share of roasted brewed coffee as insignificant.
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