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05 October

Chinese violinists won prizes in the Viktor Tretyakov competition

The first international violin competition named after Viktor Tretyakov ended in Krasnoyarsk. The jury members summed up the final round and named the winners.

The first place in the competition was taken by the musician from Russia Sergey Dogadin. He received an award of 15,000 dollars and special prizes. The violinist was given the opportunity to perform with the world's leading orchestras in Russia and Europe.

The second place was shared by Chis Kitagawa from Japan and Zhunin Zhang from China. They won 5,000 dollars each.

The third place, 6,600 dollars and a special award named after Julian Sitkovetsky (1,000 dollars), was received by the violinist Shutsun He from China.

«All the finalists will be able to perform in 2019-2020 with the Krasnoyarsk Academic Symphony Orchestra», the contest organizers say.

A musical project of international scale was held in the homeland of the violin virtuoso, Honorary Citizen of Krasnoyarsk, Viktor Tretyakov, from 23rd of September  to 1st of October. The musician performs in the best halls of the world and is a soloist of the Moscow State Philharmonic.
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