India organizes fabrication of equipment for ophthalmology in Ingushetia

India is able to build a plant for ophthalmological equipment fabrication in Ingushetia, construction may commence in Autumn of this year.
"On the 18-19th of July the India Economy Minster shall pay a visit to the Republic. Jointly with the Indians, we are ordering a plant for fabricating the ophthalmological equipment and eye drops production. The Indians are the first in this field, so this project has emerged, and we are ready to start this plant construction in the Autumn. This is a good project, so if is approved, we would implement it", - says the Head of the Region, Yunus-Bek Evkurov at the meeting with the Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Reporting about the situation in the republic, Evkurov pointed out, that the water supply is a major problem, besides "not only for the Republic, but for the country in general". He reminded, that a separate program regarding water supply is under development in the Ministry of Construction, also on the basis of the May orders. "A very good project was developed about three years ago. I kindly ask you to support the Ministry of Construction, and the Republic of Ingushetia in terms of the water supply to the population", - Evkurov addressed to the Head of the State and underlines, that "this is a highly problematic issue".
He clarified, that currently, there is a number of settlements in the Republic of Ingushetia, where the supply networks are worn out, and water delivery problems occur. "If earlier the wells depth was of one value, today the depth values are absolutely different, they are running out of water, so I would like to ask you to support this project", - Evkurov added.
The Head of the Republic also told the President of Russia about the plans to arrange the all-Russian meeting regarding gardening in Ingushetia. "We have a "Giant Garden of Ingushetia", it is the largest in Europe today, 1100 hectares. Together with the Ministry of Agriculture we agreed and spike about these issues with the Cive-Prime-Minister, also received approvals from the Committee of the Federation Council in terms of an opportunity to arrange a visiting session, so we would like to arrange and conduct the all-Russian gardening meeting on the basis of our Giant Garden in Autumn", - Evkurov claimed.
He added, that in this Garden there is "the biggest storage - 64 tons for storage with our own nursery garden with transplants", due to which the region does not purchase transplants abroad for two years. "During the meeting we will put a capsule for construction of juice plant, baby food plant and pectin plant for the perspective, because today we depend from pectin import for 90 per cent. If we manage to build this plant, which is the joint project with the Italians, we will provide 40 percent", - told Evkurov.
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