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18.04.2411:18 Culture
Young actors from BRICS+ countries to undergo training at one of the best theatre universities in Russia
11.04.2417:12 Economics
UAE joins media co-operation with BRICS countries through TV BRICS network
05.04.2415:17 Economics
TV BRICS to promote Cuba's co-operation with BRICS+ countries in the film industry

Cardio vs. Strength Training: How to Choose? - Elina Lukashina

Each and every year, I see a pitiful sight: girls exhaust themselves for hours on cardio machines hoping to lose weight and obtain their dream body. The only thing is all this practice is often unsuccessful. In 9 cases out of 10, the same mistake is repeated: people do not understand when to choose cardio, and when to choose strength training.

Cardio workouts include running, brisk walking, rowing, cycling, ellipsoid, stepper. Such exercises can help you strengthen heart muscles and respiratory system, improve sleep and endurance, and get rid of excess calories.


However, cardio training alone cannot make body fit, beautiful and tense. What is more, long cardio training can lead to muscle loss due to the production of the hormone cortisol. You need to always stay smart so as not to harm your body!

Power loads include gym and bodyweight exercises without equipment. We need strength training, not cardio, to form beautiful shapes and proportions. To achieve long-lasting results, you need to change your metabolism, and muscle mass plays a major role in this. We lose it through cardio, and strength exercises help build it up.


Despite the fact that strength training does not take away many calories, it helps to speed up your metabolism. This allows you to lose weight even on non-workout days lying on the couch. The more muscles, the faster your metabolism will be!

The main thing is a well-structured training process. It is best to build it up with a skilled professional!

Fitness trainer Elina Lukashina.

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