How to Prevent Fall-Related Injuries? - Dmitry Prokhorov

How to Prevent Fall-Related Injuries? - Dmitry Prokhorov

It's no secret that over the years, our body gradually weakens, muscle tissue becomes scarcer, coordination worsens, and the risk of injury is higher.

Any fall can bring many negative consequences: fracture, dislocation, stretching, hence long-term immobilization and further weakening of the body. Can you prevent falls, and how to maintain good coordination for years to come? Let's figure it out.

What is sensorimotorics?

Sensorimotorics (from Latin sensus –‘feeling, sensation’ + moto – ‘set in motion’) are the processes of interaction of sensory and motor components. In other words: the body can be trained to quickly process incoming information and take immediate action in a rapidly changing environment.

Isn't this what we need, for example, on an icy road? Development of sensory-motor reaction significantly reduces the risk of falling and getting injured, since the body works in a coordinated manner, reacts quickly when falling, losing balance, or abruptly changing trajectory.

How to develop sensorimotor skills?


Exercise on unstable surfaces such as balance pads, discs, and platforms.

You can do exercises without special equipment: stand on one leg, gradually adding movement and maintaining balance.

Combining these exercises with strength training to build and maintain muscle tissue, coupled with a balanced diet with enough protein, will help keep your body coordinated and responsive for longer.

But these are not all the bonuses from training:

- stable balance

- better posture

- better flexibility

- stronger ligaments

- prevention of flat feet

- developed coordination

These exercises are great to do with your family!

Rehabilitation therapist Dmitry Prokhorov.

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