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02:05 Personal trainer

Personal trainer

Personal trainer

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Personal trainer


BRICS 24 june 10:48 Society
TV BRICS network partners supported the BRICS Summit in a joint video message
Россия Китай 23 may 11:24 Society
TV BRICS International Media Network becomes a partner of the China Daily Group
Россия 20 may 10:58 Society
TV BRICS and HSE agreed to cooperate within the framework of the BRICS Competition Centre
01 February 2022 15:43

What will be trendy in 2022? - Ellina Kuznetsova

As we step into 2022 with a soft tiger gait, I suggest to get armed with knowledge about what will be trendy this striped year.

In 2021, we didn’t manage to appreciate much of the trends, because we had to periodically stay at home in the above-mentioned costume.

So, what will be trendy in 2022?

1. Fringe - unforgotten but still untouched in boutiques


It is especially popular now in festive outfits.

It will perfectly fit boho or cowboy style. By the way, it looks great with a jockey style look.

It will hardly match sequins but a shiny fringe very possibly will look great in combination with velvet.

2. Netting and transparency


No, it does not mean fishnet tights or a show off of underwear. It is rather vice versa.

Net/sheer fabric is the bottom layer, but more often even the top layer in a multi-layered look with a hint of sexiness.

Transparency will look amazing in the form of a holographic or shimmering organza.

3. Focus on the waist


I propose to focus on the most feminine part of the body, highlighting it with a waist-fitted cut, a wide belt or a combination of thin belts.

In addition, it can be an elegant corset or a Coca-Cola crop top worn over a shirt or knitted dress.

It is important to remember: the waist is a fairly simple thing: either it is there or not. Take a good look at your own figure.

4. Slits and asymmetrical cutouts


Long or 7/8 slit trousers are likely to be popular in 2022. But this is not for sure ;)

The bare parts of the body due to interesting cutouts will add extravagance to your stylish look.

5. Indigo denim and total denim looks are for comfort lovers and connoisseurs. It's great that they are trendy again!


6. The usual two-piece suits with trousers have turned into elegant sets with skirts.The length of a mini or midi skirt is the trend of the season.


Stripes are the most fashionable print this year and this applies not only to suits.

The most popular material is knitted fabric, and this is also not only about suits.

7. V-silhouette. A masculine look is equally fashionable and fresh both for men and women.


Blazers with shoulder pads, dresses, shirts and blouses with puff sleeves - this trend comes from 2020 but is still relevant today.

8. Combination of blue and green. The combination that for a long time was considered bad manners in the world of style, now beats records of popularity among fashionistas.


The same applies to animal prints. For example, leopard prints in outerwear are most relevant in 2022.

The general trend towards minimalism in clothes combined with stand-out accessories and naturalness in makeup with the right accents are the main principles of the concept of “being fashionable” in 2022. This is the so-called "long trend", which will guide us on how to stay fashionable.

However, another factor is individuality: “Be yourself, don't seem yourself” - this is perhaps the main slogan and message of modern fashion.

I wish you to stay in trend in 2022 and at the same time launch your main collaboration - a collaboration with yourself! After all, fashion is for everyone, and style is only yours.

Ellina Kuznetsova, image consultant, fashion producer and content maker for brands


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Китай BRICS 24 june 19:12 Personalities
Xi Jinping calls for united efforts to promote development
Россия BRICS 24 june 17:01 Society
BRICS plus meeting advocates a multi-polar order
BRICS 24 june 16:03 Society
BRICS Plus Summit meeting opens