21 August

A Wonderful Belt Against Fractures Invented for Pensioners in China

A Wonderful Belt Against Fractures Invented for Pensioners in China

The unusual antitraumatic device has been introduced by a Shanghai safety bag manufacturer. The unique belt is meant for elderly people. The wonderful design will protect them from hip fractures and other injuries. The belt’s working principle is similar to a safety bag in a car, reports the correspondent of with the reference to

The manufacturing company is sure that the new product will find its ready market, for the number of Chinese pensioners is growing.


"According to our calculations, there are much more elderly people in China than in other countries. About 200 million of them. And if we embrace about 5% of the market, it will make almost ten million people. For us, this is a quite big market share", says the representative of the inventing company Sung Zhangxuan.

Also, developers claim that the new design is a smart invention. The angle and the time of fall are calculated by a micro gyroscope, and the belt opens after a signal from a microprocessor.

The novelty, priced at slightly more than fifty dollars, will be on sale in the nearest future.

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