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04 July

Altai entrepreneur sells mountain air to China

Altai entrepreneur sells mountain air to China

An entrepreneur from the Altai Republic gets money from the air: he sells metal cans with mountain air to China. The businessman claims that he is picking up oxygen using a special secret technology - the injection site is located high in the mountains. Healing Altai air is in great demand among the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom, a correspondent for reports with reference to Mir 24 TV channel.

 “At first it was a joke, humor, but then, when we found a plant that produced aluminum cylinders by our side, we thought about it seriously. After a year and a half, we were able to send the first batch of air,” said Sergey Kukhtuekov, an entrepreneur.

After collecting air in the mountains, the raw materials are transported to the laboratory for conservation. Several varieties of goods are produced: enriched with oxygen, tonic with thyme and soothing with cedar extract. A standard cylinder is rated for 120 breaths.
It turned out that mountain air is also in demand in Russia. There are those who want to buy it in Altai.

“It is very convenient to use, even while driving. Because it can be opened with one hand. We take a breath. In order to cheer up, you do not need to stop, you do not need to waste time. We give a guarantee,” said Maria, one of the customers of unusual product.

The cylinders are bought by Altai drivers who claim that, having breathed a mountain freshness during a long trip, they feel more cheerful and more energetic.

In the near future, the businessman selling Altai air plans to enter the Indian market.

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