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13 August

An "Ice Cake" Cooked for Pandas’ Birthday in Moscow

An "Ice Cake" Cooked for Pandas’ Birthday in Moscow

Moscow Zoo celebrated the birthday of giant pandas Ding Ding and Ru Yi. The party was organized according to the Chinese traditions. The heroes of the day were especially pleased by the cake made of ice pieces, with frozen apples, carrots and bamboo.

The ice dessert was being cooked for two days. One serving of it weighed 10 kilograms. As a correspondent reports, with the reference to TASS, cake ingredients were discussed by zoologists with Chinese specialists in advance.

It was decided to combine birthdays of two pandas, for Ding Ding was born in the Chinese National Natural Park Volong on July 30, 2017, and Ru Yi was born on July 31, 2016 in the Dujiangyan reserve.


The festive program began at noon at the main entrance of the Zoo. Here, guests were welcomed by Chinese drummer girls. It was also the starting place for the procession with a paper dragon – the main symbol of Celestial Empire.

Ice cake, gifts in rustling color cardboard boxes, carrot in bamboo tubules – all intended for the pandas’ treat and fun. Apart from food, pandas got another gift from the Zoo employees and visitors – the traditional birthday song "Happy Birthday to You!" was sung especially for them in Chinese and Russian.


A lot of surprises were also meant for the guests. At the China Fauna pavilion, visitors listened to the stories about traditions and secrets of tea ceremony, took photos with a toy panda, had a look at the works of animalist Anna Donchenko who paints pictures of big and small pandas living in the Moscow Zoo.

To recap, all pandas living in zoos all over the world belong to China. Russians will celebrate 14 more birthdays of Ding Ding and Ru Yi: according to the Conservation, Protection and Research Program for the giant pandas, they will live in Moscow Zoo for 15 years.

Photo: TASS

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