29 November

Brazil Has Canceled a Ban on Sugarcane Cultivation

Brazil Has Canceled a Ban on Sugarcane Cultivation

Amazonia will cultivate sugar cane again. The ban enforced in 2009 has been lifted by the president of Brazil, reports a correspondent with the reference to

Ecologists opposed the repeal of the "cane ban". According to them, it exposes the lands to environmental hazard. The problem of forest loss and reduction of fertile lands for food crops was named the main reason for the ban.

But the Ministry of Agriculture of Brazil affirms that the law of 2009 has become simply outdated, and new laws have been introduced since then.

To recap, earlier the Institute of People and the Environment Imazon reported, referring to satellite observations, that in September, the area of completely deforested lands in the Brazilian Amazonia grew by 80 percent, in comparison with the same period of 2018.

One more reason for loss of forest lands are the heavy forest fires in Amazonia, these forests are often referred to as Earth's 'lungs'.

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