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19 September 2021 18:56

Brazilian project makes PVC violins for children

Brazilian project makes PVC violins for children

Brazilian Locomotiva project turns polyvinyl-chloride (PVC) pipes into violins and cellos and offers free music lessons to dozens of young musicians in Brazilian state of São Paulo. Reported by Reuters.

“Making PVC violins is a highly time-consuming process that requires high concentration”, said violin maker Ivan da Silva Oliveira, who makes the instruments for the project. There are 42 stages of the manufacturing process - from cutting and heating the pipe to making the frame and trimming the instrument.

But the economic component cannot be denied. According to Ivan, a violin made by a craftsman who specializes in building and repairing string instruments on average can cost about R$ 8,000 ($ 1,540) depending on the wood. Even a modest violin is priced at about R$ 800, but thanks to the PVC material, its cost is reduced to R$ 300.

The launch of PVC violins manufacturing in 2018 allowed the organisation to reduce a long list of young people aged 7 to 17, who are waiting to receive the instrument.

"The PVC pipe turns into a violin, we use to compose music, play, do a lot of cool things. It's magic", said conductor Rogério Schuindt.
In addition to violins, the project also produces cellos. Moreover, it has its own orchestra.

PVC pipes commonly used in construction and hydraulic installations were donated by a petrochemical company Braskem (BRKM5.SA).
“It's incredible to know that a pipe that carried water is now carrying music,” said 11-year-old project participant Gabriel Santos Espinoza while holding his PVC violin.


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