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16 September

BRICS Countries Will Form a New Ecology Platform

BRICS Countries Will Form a New Ecology Platform

BRICS countries will form apublic-private partnership platform in the sphere of ecology. This Russian initiative was supported by all countries of the group at themeeting of Environment ministers from the BRICS countriesin São Paulo, reportsa correspondent with the reference to TASS.

The platform was named the BEST (abbr. from "BRICS Environmentally Sound Technology Platform"). According to the Director of the Department of International Cooperation of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation Nuritdin Inamov, his foreign colleagues picked up the idea at once and began to express their points of view concerningthe subject matter of the platform.

The Ministry of Natural Resources used the BRICS Clean Rivers program as an example. It is focused on the improvement of river basinscondition.

"Today we implement a large-scale project involving the Volga river, but each of the BRICS countries has its own waterways whose condition causes concern <...> The topic is very hot", notedthe Ministry representative.

According to Inamov, they have already agreed with the New Development Bankon the future support of specific projects. Its representatives also participated in the São Paulomeeting.

Nuritdin Inamov told that it is planned to hold a separate large-scale meeting of the platformin St. Petersburgin the period of Russian presidency in BRICS in 2020. Environmental agencies of "the five" are supposed to organize dialogue with the scientific community, entrepreneurs and profile international organizations.rnational organizations.

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