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00:25 BRICS Animation

BRICS Animation

BRICS Animation

Watch the best cartoons created by BRICS directors on our channel.


00:30 Personal trainer


Personal trainer

If you are not good at sports, don't despair. Project presenter Olga Bubnova will prove that any...

BRICS Animation
27.09.2208:19 Personalities
TV BRICS was presented to journalists from the leading media of the ASEAN countries
23.09.2217:57 Society
"Russia-India" teleconference with Indian students aimed at establishing great relations between the countries
20.09.2217:45 Society
"Russia-India" teleconference with Indian students to be held on 22 September
10.08.22 15:16

BRICS II International Youth Camp comes to an end

During the six-day shift, camp participants presented their project initiatives

The BRICS International Youth Camp has completed its work in the Ulyanovsk region. For the second year in a row, the event served as a practice-oriented platform to discuss and implement ideas relevant to young leaders from the five countries.

During the six-day shift, camp participants presented their project initiatives on such tracks as cleaning water bodies, developing green energy, agricultural ecology, environmental actions and projects, as well as environmental education and environmental advertising.

The moderator of the project, certified trainer of non-formal education and intercultural communication Lyubov Savelyeva said that the topics of the tracks were oriented to the existing challenges in terms of sustainable development of the Ulyanovsk region. During the session 'Environmental Challenges of Today in the Global and Regional Dimension', experts analysed examples of successful cases from young representatives of the BRICS countries.

After the panel discussion, participants discussed the main environmental challenges faced by the alliance countries. 

Панельная дискуссия.jpg

"Participants shared their perceptions of these challenges across the BRICS countries and proceeded to develop project initiatives for each track during the facilitated session 'Project Idea Matrix', which helped to identify the most relevant and realistic initiatives that were chosen to develop projects within the camp," said moderator Savelieva.

In addition, in the middle of the shift, young leaders from the 5 BRICS countries went on a hiking trip along the "Undoria" jurassic geopark ecological trail.

Walking more than 7 kilometres along twisting forest paths, the campers got the chance to touch the mysteries of Undoria, see the inhabitants of relict forests and the herbs of the Undorian meadows, mineral springs in the "wild form" and the stone shores of ancient seas of bygone eras. In addition, they completed an environmental quest and made films about their teams in the most impressive places of untouched Ulyanovsk nature.

On the last day of the camp, eight innovative eco-projects were put forward to be defended in front of experts, which will promote international cooperation between the BRICS countries in the field of sustainable development.

Among them are the digital school on environmental, social and corporate governance "ESG Digital School", the project to provide remote areas with electricity thanks to the "Mission SOLAR" solar panels, as well as the creation of "BRICSailors" TikTok channel about the problem of water pollution.

TV BRICS is a media partner of the BRICS 2022 International Camp.

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29.09.2215:27 Society
The EAEU Business Forum "Integration" will be held in Moscow on October 7
29.09.2213:29 Society
The 10th BRICS Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Ministerial Meeting held in Beijing
29.09.2211:10 Society
The 6th BRICS International School will be held in Moscow
29.09.2209:47 Society
Brazilian fighters Kleber Souza and Bruno Rovers will take part in a tournament in Omsk
28.09.2215:32 Society
Lavrov supports India's bid to become a permanent member of the UN Security Council
28.09.2210:45 Society
Airshow China set to exhibit space station combination replica