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08 September 2021 11:54

BRICS International Youth Camp will launch in Russia

BRICS International Youth Camp will launch in Russia

On Thursday the 9th of September, Federal Agency for Youth Affairs in collaboration with Ulyanovsk region government and «Russia – BRICS» International Youth Cooperation Project Office will launch one of the largest international youth events in 2021 – the BRICS Youth Camp. It is noted that it will run in three shifts, when over 100 delegates and volunteers from Brazil, Russia, India, China and the Republic of South Africa will participate. The concept of the camp involves practical work in three areas: Business accelerator, creative industries and volunteering. Throughout this work the participants will form practical solutions to problems relevant to international cooperation.

International experts and visionaries will be the speakers and mentors of the BRICS Youth Camp. They will help formulate the main challenges for the foreseeable future of the BRICS countries, and young people will try to find their own answers to those. Participating in the camp events will be the representatives of Russian Foreign Ministry, TV BRICS, ARPO (All-Russia Public Organisation) «Opora Rossii», BRICS National Research Committee, ANO «Umnaya Tsivilizatsiya» (Smart Civilisation), City Renovations, FSBO «REA» of the Energy Ministry of Russian Federation, Ulyanovsk State University, Russia Designers Association, Russian State University for the Humanities and other institutions.

«Russkiy Bereg» eco-park will be the camp venue. It's not its first time to receive BRICS events (in 2018 there was a «time capsule» was laid here within the BRICS countries young leaders seminar framework), but the «Russkiy Bereg» eco-park transformation into BRICS countries smart city-park concept makes it an international point of attraction not just for generating new ideas, but also for practical realisation of those on the spot. Therefore, development and presentation of the BRICS countries smart city-park concept by the participants and experts, will be an important part of the programme. The building of the park has been announced for 2022.

The camp will be concluded by a plenary session attended by Aleksey Russkikh – Ulyanovsk region Acting Governor, as well as by BRICS countries youth affairs departments heads.

It is planned that the BRICS International Youth Camp will become an annual platform for young leaders of the BRICS countries to discuss the most important relevant issues of our time. Federal Agency for Youth Affairs head, Ksenia Razuvaeva, spoke about this. «The main result of the work of the Camp shifts will be particular projects and programmes aimed at further cooperation development in various areas between the five countries», she added.

Tatyana Ivshina, «Ulyanovsk - Cultural Capital» foundation Director, put emphasis on the second shift called «BRICS Creative Industries Laboratory» (16–21 of September). She pointed out that the shift will be attended by the best young creative industries representatives of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. «I see the «Creative Industries Laboratory» shift as a great advantage of this camp. That is our key topic. The experts and participants that will attend this shift are the elite from various countries, who will be able to advise us on how they develop their creative industries. These are the real cases of young guys representing these businesses. It is a check of our steps and search for further partners», Ivshina emphasised.

Vitaly Stavitsky, Russia Designers Association president, will be among the experts attending this shift. Within a framework of appropriate events, he will talk about the design industry as an important strategic and innovative area of the economy. «Political questions and questions of export lie today in the field of this particular industry. Creative industries, particularly design, are now focused on industrial development, business and creating of new jobs. Basically, on everything that is today on the agendas of both our country and our international colleagues», the expert noted.

As a reminder – within the framework of VI BRICS Youth Summit on the 1st of December 2020 final Declaration statutes implementation, the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs in collaboration with the Ulyanovsk region government and «Russia – BRICS» International Youth Cooperation Project Office, it is planned to hold BRICS countries International Youth Camp from 9th to 28th of September 2021 in the Ulyanovsk Region at the «Russkiy Bereg» eco-park territory.

The aim of the Camp is to promote the further development of practice-oriented cooperation between the BRICS countries youth leaders and organisations.

Three shifts will be organised within the camp framework:

BRICS countries International Business Accelerator (9th to 14th of September);

BRICS Creative Industries Laboratory (16th to 21st of September);

BRICS Volunteers Camp (23rd to 28th of September).

TV BRICS will be the event media partner.

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