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31 December

Buryat Chocolates Will Be Exported to China and Mongolia

In Buryatia, the Amta chocolate factory will start an investment project for export expansion to China and Mongolia, TASS with reference to the government of the region reports.
'It has been planned to start a new line with productivity of up to 518 kg per hour, including chocolates, jellies and toffees. In January 2019, the first stage will begin, i.e. preparation of rooms for equipment, in September the equipment will be installed and the production started. The total amount of investments is 350 million rubles,'the government reported.
The new project will allow to expand export deliveries, the director of factory Olga Denisova noted.

'We are planning to renew the assortment, to expand chocolate production, and to expand sales markets. Our tasks are import substitution and entry into the new export markets in Mongolia and China. We need to make breakthrough: the middle class grows in the PRC, and the consumption of chocolate grows. Confectionery production is what the Chinese consumer needs now,' Olga Denisova explained.

According to Ms. Denisova, Amta (in translation from the Buryat language it means "sweet"), the largest confectionery in the territory from Krasnoyarsk to PrimorskyKrai, was founded in 1971.

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