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08 March

Carnival 2019 to boost Brazil’s economy by 7 billion reals

Carnival 2019 to boost Brazil’s economy by 7 billion reals

The carnival is estimated to create an additional 24 thousand jobs
Less than a week remains before the start of the world’s most colourful event - the Brazilian Carnival. Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world flock

together to witness the spectacle and participate in the revelry. Carnival in Brazil is like Russia’s Maslenitsa celebration which takes place each year and symbolizes the start of Lent. (This year Maslenitsa will take place between the 2nd and 5th
March). The scale of the carnival grows each year.

In 2018, over 6 million people took part in the celebration with 1.5 million tourists arriving from all over the world. This year, according to the National Confederation of Trade, Services and Tourism of Brazil (CNC), the carnival will bring about 7 billion reals into the country and is expected to create 24 thousand additional jobs. Almost 18 thousand of these new jobs will be in catering, writes the publication

It is also reported that hotels in for the period are 74% booked, which is 11% higher than the same time last year. Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana, Leme and San Conrado are once again the most popular destinations for tourists.

Carnival will take place across the whole country but the biggest celebrations are planned in Rio de Janeiro. The main events will again take place on the Sambodrome - the name of the special street where the parades and Samba competitions are held.

The Brazilian Carnival is a holiday with a long history. On the first day, the mayor of Rio will hand over the keys to the city to the carnival boss, King Momo, portrayed by the city’s
heaviest man, weighing at least 110 kg. During the carnival, Brazilian samba school
competitions are organised and take place at the Sambadrome.

According to a survey, Brazilian tourists make up the main body of carnival spectators -
about 80%. Most foreign tourists are residents of the United States, Argentina and Chile.d Chile.

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