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22 May

Chess Online during COVID-19

Chess Online during COVID-19

While the COVID 19 outbreak has forced most sports around the world to shut down, chess has not only found a way to carry on - but also it is thriving in some ways. In the past several weeks there has been a surge in grass roots participation in chess to go along with a few high profile professional events online.

Globally so far more than thousand online events are being held. In India there are an average of five online blitz and rapid events being held daily in the past two months period. Leave alone the competition hundreds of benefit matches are being played to raise funds to fight against Coma Virus.It is widely believed that the chess players alone have contributed to the tune of ten million rupees.

The Online national cup has brought 36 top ranking players of the world together in their homes across the multiple time zones from Brooklyn to Beijing. The moved the pieces on the chess board in their laptop in the same way they contest in the normal competitions in the tournament hall.

While the video game or replay in a screen of any other sport or game will lose its charm, chess is a game which which will echo its spirit and originality in any form. Online chess is essentially the same game and when all other sports are halted way back in March because of global shut down, its fans were visibly shaken. But luckily the chess players across the world did not have any problem as the Online matches engaged them.

Three time world champion Magnus Carken of Norway proved his supremacy here too. Same way the young aspiring chess players who were terribly upset over cancellation of their favorite events had consolation of being trained online by their coaches. Although the players are deprived of playing in the tournaments they take intensive training online from their home. In fact they all get wide opportunity to share their view and idea with their practicing partners. "Music has no language" so also chess, the game of brilliancy has no boundary and locked down proves the current scenario.

TV BRICS reports with reference to Trinity Mirror.


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