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21 October

China and Nepal Will Measure the Height of Everest Again

China and Nepal Will Measure the Height of Everest Again

China and Nepal agreed to remeasure the greatest top. It was decided to specify the exact height of the mountain after the specialists supposed that the Mount Everest could have grown smaller after an earthquake, a correspondent reports with the reference to the TASS website.

Today, the officially declared height of Everest is 8848 meters. Some specialists in the field of geology made an assumption it could have become 3 centimeters lower after earthquakes.

During the visit of the Chinese President Xi Jinping to Nepal, the countries agreed on the joint measurement of the world’s highest peak.

"Recognizing that the mountain Sagarmāthā / Chomolungma is an eternal symbol of friendship between Nepal and China, both parties will develop cooperation in various areas, including solution of climate change problems and environment protection", noted both countries in joint statements.

To recap, a series of powerful earthquakes took place in Nepal in 2015. One shock of magnitude 7.8 killed more than 8 thousand people, and 20 thousand more were wounded. The authorities of Nepal notified the loss of about 10% of all buildings in the country.

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