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14 October 2021 11:47

China Finalises Plans To Achieve Carbon Goals

China Finalises Plans To Achieve Carbon Goals

Ranking as the world’s highest contributor to CO2 emissions that continue to rise, China will release its plans and measures for peaking emissions.

According to China Central Television (CCTV), President Xi Jinping said during a virtual meeting with the leaders at the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP14) on Tuesday that the implementation plans will target key areas and sectors.

“China will continue to readjust its industrial structure and energy mix, and vigorously develop renewable energy,” Xi Jinping said.

“We will make faster progress in planning and developing large wind power and photovoltaic bases in sandy areas, rocky areas and deserts,” he said.

China’s leader added that the first phase of projects with an installed capacity of approximately 100 million kilowatts have recently started construction in a smooth fashion.

Meanwhile, Xi Jinping said the country has made remarkable progress in building an ecological civilisation with the recent story on the group of elephants travelling through the Yunnan Province a testament to China’s work in protecting wild animals.

“China will continue to advance ecological progress, stay committed to implementing the new development philosophy emphasising innovative, green and open development for all,” he said.

Further abroad, Singapore has shown to be one of the most innovative nations in reducing its carbon footprint.

Earlier this year, the Straits Times, a Singapore-based publication reported that Singapore has broken away from conventional methods and built one of the world’s largest floating solar farms and also boasts a high-rise fish farm.

The Tengeh Reservoir floating solar farm, which is the size of 45 football fields, officially opened in July and has a capacity of 60 megawatt-peak (MWp), which comes from more than 120,000 solar panels, reports African news agency, a partner of TV BRICS.

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