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26 August

China Will Buy Soy from Russia and Brazil

China Will Buy Soy from Russia and Brazil

China has placed abigorder for soy beanpurchase from Brazil. Last week, Chinese companies already purchased 25-30 lots of Brazilian soy beans, which makes about 2 million tons. Purchases will be continued till the end of October and complete replenishment of soy stores necessary for the country for this period, reports a correspondent with the reference to

Today Brazilian soy offer satisfies the Chinese demand. But the Celestial Empire can face soy shortage over time. Therefore, in July, China gave the green light for import of soybeans from all Russian regions. This decision has been posted on the website of the Chinese Head Customs Authority on July 29.

Soy will be transportedto China by railway, water and motor transport. On one condition: all vehicles should satisfy completely all anti-epidemic and quarantine requirements of the PRC.

"We expect to develop the soy trading potential with Russia on a stable and long-term basis", emphasized representative of the Chinese Ministry of CommerceGao Feng.

Russia and China have already developed and put into operation new sea supply routes.

To recap, in 2018,Russia imported 817 thousand tons of soy beans to China.

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