06 September

Chinese Scientists Cloned a Catfor the First Time Ever

Chinese Scientists Cloned a Catfor the First Time Ever

The first-ever cat cloning has been performed in China. Now it is planned to make a commercial industry out of this procedure, in order to makefor owners the exact copies of their pets who went to a better world, reports the correspondent of with the reference to

A cloned kitten is the exact copy of the "original" cat, donor of gene material. Even with all things considered, the cloned cat differs from its "parent" in character.
The company is going to start commercial cat cloning in the nearest future. It is reported that such service will cost 250 thousand yuans (about 36 thousand dollars).

Perhaps, subsequently, pandas will be clonedin the same manner. However, pandas are an endangered species, and it is prohibited to conduct similar experiments on them. Therefore, cats are supposed to help in black-and-white bear cloning: scientists want to place a stem cell of a panda in the impregnated ovum of a cat in order to make it give birth to a cub of a giant panda.

Specialists claim that there will be no adverse effects for a "substitute mother": a newborn panda is about the size of an average kitten.

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