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11 October 2021 12:18

Classic battle scenes reproduced to commemorate 80th anniversary of Battle of Moscow

Classic battle scenes reproduced to commemorate 80th anniversary of Battle of Moscow

A commemorative activity to reproduce classic battle scenes was held in the suburbs of Moscow on Sunday, on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Moscow at the height of World War II, CCTV+ reports.

Members of the Russian Military History Club reproduced the war between the Soviet Red Army and the German forces on the "Mozhaisk Defense Line", drawing flocks of visitors to experience the mimic battle scene.

"I was very much touched by the scene. I saw how my parents and grandparents fought and how their lives hang by a thread. Organizing activities like this is right, as it is necessary for the younger generation to know about our history," said Alexei, one spectator at the scene.

"We must remember our older generations. Thanks to their victory in the war, we can enjoy our lives today," said Alice, a student visiting the activity.

Through the scenes reproduced for battles between the Soviet Red Army and the fascist German forces at the Mozhaisk Defense Line, the spectators could imagine how fierce and cruel the battles were 80 years ago.

"I'm very much impressed whenever there is an activity to reproduce scenes of a campaign, as if the war really happened. It's so real and nervous. The activity reminded me that my grandparents once fought like this. They experienced the war in person. The recurrence of battle scenes is kind of patriotic education. People should remember the wars that occurred in the past so as to prevent new ones," said Anna, member of the Russian Military History Club.

In October 1941, the Soviet Red Army troops fought a hard battle with the advancing Germans at the Mozhaisk Defense Line, in a bid to prevent the enemy from breaking through from the west of Moscow.

The Soviet Red Army successfully prevented the enemy from advancing although there was a great disparity in power, bringing precious time for Moscow to strengthen its defense and lying a solid foundation for the victory of the defense war of Moscow.

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