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10 June 2021 17:30

“Days of Russian history and culture” to be held in South Africa

“Days of Russian history and culture” to be held in South Africa

The FynArts Festival takes place in Hermanus, South Africa on June 10-20. During the festival, lectures and workshops about Russia will be held as a part of “Days of Russian history and culture” in the country. All the thematic events will last for 10 days.

Chef Michelle Theron from restaurant Hazendal will show visitors how to cook real Russian borscht at the festival on June, 10.

On June 11 Inna Voloshina from the Marvol gallery in the Hazendal Wine Estate will be “unfolding the stories, intrigues, and survival of the House of Faberge and with its brightly colored gems – the art of bringing shine to every occasion”.

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Events about the Indian culture will also take place during the festival.

Thus, Michael Nixon on June 14 will talk about India’s art music and its development in South Africa.

On June 15, there will be an event about Indian food and curry at the lecture "Eat Indian Food and Curry On".


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