14 August 2019 00:00

Do You Mind Black Fly Larvae Ice Cream?

Do You Mind Black Fly Larvae Ice Cream?

Grasshopper milk ice cream? Enjoy it! A Cape Town restaurant has introduced some buzzing and creeping ingredients into its menu and into the recipes of traditional dishes. For example, French fries have been served here with Mopane worm polenta for quite some time (Mopane worms is a classical South African snack). But Cape Town restaurant The Insect Experience has decided to become history, adding to its menu dishes with various insects, using them as an alternative food source.

Leah Bessa, the Head of Product Development, has been conducting researches for a while, studying insects as a quite acceptable protein source.

"In general, insects are really rich in protein and fat, comparable to proteins and fats in red meat. The insects and fly larvae we use contain much more zinc, iron and calcium than beef", Leah Bessa believes.

He adds that insects do not contain carbohydrates and are very rich in fiber necessary for a human body.

Local farmers undertook to cultivate worms and larvae. They bring insects to the restaurant in necessary quantities. Therefore, chef Mario Barnard feels secure about including into his recipes not only Mopane worms, but also their meal “fellows”.

Visitors only need to choose what to order for dinner: chick-pea croquets with black fly larvae, Mopane worm hummus with dry meal worms, or just to limit themselves to fried black fly larva ice cream.

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