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BRICS Россия
15 October 2021 09:03

Documentary filmmakers from the BRICS countries will present their films at the ROSSIYA Film Festival

Documentary filmmakers from the BRICS countries will present their films at the ROSSIYA Film Festival

A special program of screenings will be offered to the festival visitors by the international network TV BRICS. Screenings will be held as part of the 32nd Open Documentary Film Festival ROSSIYA from 15 to 20 October.

This year, short documentaries from China, India, South Africa and Brazil will be shown to the visitors. The main screenings of the TV BRICS program will be held in different cities in the Sverdlovsk region.

At the largest documentary film festival in Russia cinematographers from China will present to the visitors a television film directed by Anthony Barwell called Ancient China from Above which was made through the joint efforts of the Chinese company China Intercontinental Communication Center and National Geographic. The protagonist of the film is Dr. Allan Maca, an American archaeologist. Together with Chinese experts he investigates Chinese historical monuments, including the Great Wall of China, the Site of Xanadu, the Shimao ruins and the archeological ruins of Liangzhu. With the help of the cutting-edge technologies, such as satellite images of remote sensing, digital photogrammetry and three-dimensional animation, Dr. Allan Maca introduces to the visitors a magnificent and ancient Chinese civilization.

The next film at the Festival will be from an aspiring Brazilian director. Tauana Uchôa will tell the story of the arid steppes in the interior of Brazil called sertões (hinterland). They are a sort of an iconic landmark or a symbol of the country, along with a cow's skull, cracked soil, or a cardeiro cactus under the scorching sun. Here the love for poetry has been instilled since the early childhood. The holiday of Lourival Batista is a holiday not only for the sertões, the Pajeú microregion or the town of São José do Egito. The author, who is a native of these places, tries to prove that this is a celebration of poetry and music for the whole world, and everyone should visit it in order to experience the unique energy of the Brazilian sertões.

Within the framework of the TV BRICS screenings, India will be represented by Sampath Kumar, a director from the southern state of Tamil Nadu. The author of the movie Historical legacy. A glimpse into the past reserved for the future. DakshinaChitra invites visitors to tour the DakshinaChitra Museum of Art, Architecture, Lifestyle, Crafts and Performing Arts of South India. With a view of the Bengal Bay, the museum is located in Muttukadu, 25 kilometers away from Chennai (Tamil Nadu state). DakshinaChitra means “the picture of the south”, and it’s exactly what you’ll see. The center is both educational and recreational, it is perfect for a complete introduction to the four states of South India. You can experience live authentic traditions, performing arts, music, crafts, and architecture on a 10-acre area.

South Africa at the ROSSIYA Film Festival will be presented by the television film How South Africa Solves the Problem of Refugees provided by the Durban Holocaust and Genocide Center. For their research film, the authors of the work, Alexander Viser, Claudia Bliese, Peter Buchendwa, interviewed refugees from different African countries, and also spoke with South Africans who are helping refugees find a new home in South Africa. About 112 thousand refugees live on the territory of South Africa. These are people who were able to escape from war, violence, conflict and persecution. In search of safety, they flee their own country to a different state.

The Durban Holocaust and Genocide Center has launched a project calling for attention to the problems faced by the refugees. Those problems are being solved by activists from GOLDCO.
The TV BRICS international network has been presenting an original program of screenings of documentaries from Brazil, India, China and South Africa since 2019, being an information partner of the ROSSIYA Film Festival. Traditionally, both experienced and novice documentary filmmakers from the "five" countries become participants in the screenings.

Within the framework of the 32nd Open Documentary Film Festival ROSSIYA, the TV BRICS program will be screened in the cities of Verkhnyaya Pyshma and Nevyansk. In Verkhnyaya Pyshma, you can watch films of documentary filmmakers from the BRICS countries at the cultural center Books, Coffee and Other Dimensions on October 16 at 15:00. In Nevyansk, the screening will be held in the hall of the Museum of History and Local Lore on October 18 at 15:00.

Television screenings of films participating in the TV BRICS program are scheduled at the end of the film forum. You can watch all films from the program on TV BRICS channel on October 25 and 26 at 21:00.

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