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Russia China
14.05.24 16:16

Experts discuss specifics of co-operation between Russian and Chinese companies in IT, media and other spheres

The two countries are actively developing ties in technology development and media content production

China and Russia are increasing co-operation in trade, finance, IT, automotive industry, media, concluded the participants of the webinar “Russia-China: rapid growth of co-operation”.

Evgeny Sukhanov, Digital Attaché of the Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in China, spoke about the contacts between the two countries in the IT sector, as well as the main business trends. He noted the special role of interregional co-operation.

“It can be traced in general in trade in any goods, but in IT we see some correspondence of Russian regions to Chinese ones, a kind of ‘twin cities’, except that in this case it is more likely to be cities of IT solutions development or cities of software and hardware complexes production,” the expert said.

Evgeny Sukhanov added that traditionally Russia cooperates with partners from the north-eastern regions of the Asian country. The expert cited data according to which at least 3 per cent of the total volume of Russian software exports are supplies to China. This figure was relevant for both 2022 and 2023.

We can note not only the export of software solutions, but also joint development, localisation of business in China in such niches as information security, big data, VR, industrial internet. The most active Russian companies are present in the niches of software for robots, participate in projects to create exoskeletons, solutions for telemedicine, in the development of programmes for facial recognition and security,” explained Evgeny Sukhanov.

Evgenia Tolstoguzova, Head of International Projects of TV BRICS, spoke about co-operation in the media sphere. She noted that journalists from Russia and China are constantly in search of interesting content and face a number of difficulties: from verification to adaptation of foreign-language materials. It is the established communication channels between local resources that allow editorial offices to receive accurate and up-to-date information. The TV BRICS International Media Network is such channel.

“TV BRICS content is systematically broadcast and published on the network's foreign media partners. If we talk about China, these include major central media – China Global Television Network (CGTN), which is part of the China Media Group, the China Daily Websites; leading regional media, including Dongbeiwang (Heilongjiang Province) and Chaihonwang (Jilin Province),she stated.

She added that there is great interest between the Russian and Chinese sides to co-produce and exchange documentary films. For example, in 2023 the media network and Heilongjiang Broadcasting produced a documentary film “Heilongjiang: Sustainable Economic Development Zone” about the unique project of the pilot free trade zone in the north-east of China and the results achieved during the four years of its operation. Evgenia Tolstoguzova noted that Chinese documentaries are increasingly appearing in the competition programmes of international festivals held in Russia.

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