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06 February

Indian Nanosatellites will be Assembledby Foreign Experts

Indian Nanosatellites will be Assembledby Foreign Experts

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is launching a new program to train foreign experts in the development and assembly of nanosatellites. This was reported to journalists by the Head of ISRO Dr. Kailasavadivu Sivan, the correspondent for reports with reference to TASS.

"This program will allow India to share its knowledge and experience in space with other countries that can benefit from it," said Sivan.

The course was called UNNATI (Unispace Nanosatellite Assembly and Training by ISRO). The program was launched by the Indian Space Research Organization on the 50th anniversaryof the first UN conference on space exploration for peaceful purposes, which had been held in August 1968.

The training will take place in the South of India at ISRO headquarters. The two-month course includes both theoretical and practical training in the assembly, installation and testing of nanosatellites.

Specialists from 45 countries will be able to undergo retraining, and the first group of students has already been recruited. There are 30 participants from 17 countries in it, including Brazil, Algeria, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Bhutan, Chile, Egypt, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Mongolia, Myanmar, Oman, Panama and Portugal.

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