Inspiring Millions To Stay Home TV BRICS supports International online contest COVID Times Poetry

Inspiring Millions To Stay Home TV BRICS supports International online contest COVID Times Poetry

The contest is organized by NGO “World Humanitarian Drive (WHD)” in media partnership with TV BRICS International network.

This is the first time in human history a global poetry competition at this level has been organized to save the planet through everyone’s inspiration from inside his or her home and collective efforts.

Emphasizing the oneness amongst all, breaking the barriers of Language, Nationality and Age.

While the whole world seemed to be in despair with the pandemic Covid 19 crisis, we all needed that ray of hope to build upon our future. Abdul Basit Syed, founder of International NGO “World Humanitarian Drive (WHD)” believed the best way to illuminate the surrounded gloom in peoples lives during this crisis is by giving hope of inspiration to humanity through words.

WHD is determined to break the barrier of fear of Covid 19 by promoting hope through people’s inspirational poems.

This Contest has inspired millions of people from different countries to stay at home to break the chain of corona virus outbreak by a multi language digital campaign posters, videos organizing a global poetry contest "Covid Times Poetry".

"Covid Times Poetry" competition is to encourage every individual during this lockdown to ideate in kindling their poetic skills to motivate humanity around the world even from inside their homes through this online poetry contest.

Poems are sequentially posted on Instagram: and the first set of winners to be picked and honoured with “WHD Humanitarian Award” on the 22nd April 2020 on World Earth Day.

You can also inspire millions by sending your poems from your home to

WhatsApp +44 794 632 8097 or email:

#You Inspire_We Award

#U 2 Can Write

#Let Your Words Inspire From Home



World Humanitarian Drive (WHD) was founded by Abdul Basit Syed to Promote Peace through Education, Sports, Arts and Media and instill humanistic values in our community, particularly amongst the youth who are the most vulnerable. WHD partnership organization “Universal Peace Federation” which holds a special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) this is the highest status granted by the United Nations to non-governmental organizations (NGO's), thereby allowing them to participate in the work of the United Nations.

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