15 February

International Tourism Film Festival: Africa Calls For Entries

The International Tourism Film Festival Africa (ITFFA) has opened entries for the international version of their event; the deadline for submissions is 15 March 2021.

In spite of the year that was 2020, last year saw over 900 entries from 92 countries, making it clear that there was not only appetite but great enthusiasm for more interaction with African and South African tourism film and video content.

The ITFFA, founded in 2019, is hosted in proud cooperation with the International Tourism Film Festivals Committee (CIFFT). CIFFT’s partnership with the ITFFA is their first official backing of such an event on the African continent; their core mission since 1989 has been to reward excellence in travel video marketing by encouraging tourism destinations to achieve the excellence in promoting their products, services, and locations through digital storytelling. Media support of the festival is provided by TV BRICS.

Says Alexander V. Kammel, CIFFT Director, “More than 3500 films compete each year for the title of the World’s Best Tourism Films. African countries are underrepresented. It is time to show that Africa is full of talented men and women to be presented to the global creative community. This is why CIFFT strongly supports the ITFFA initiative.”

“We are thrilled to be able to showcase the best of Africa’s digital tourism marketing content on the global stage”, says James Byrne, co-director of the ITFFA. Caroline Ungersbock, ITFFA co-founder, adds “When films are produced in our country, they utilise not only tourism services and related products, but the locations that are used during filming, whether it be for advertising purposes, documentaries or features, are then exposed to both national and international markets that either want to come on vacation, shoot their next production, document their next conservation piece, or shoot their advert.”

ITFFA is further supported by two new promotional partners; Lifetree Marketing & Media and DurbanTV. Says Saskia Brown, co-owner of Lifetree Marketing & Media, “It is time to fuel our wanderlust again; we look forward to working with our innovative partners to encourage hopeful travelers to explore our continent again, starting with a digital journey”. Doreen Theys, founder and executive producer of DUrbanTV adds, “Video content is vital especially for travel marketing and we are excited to support an initiative that will showcase the high quality and innovative digital work produced on the African continent”.

A panel of local and international professionals and celebrities from the Tourism, Marketing and Film Industry will evaluate the works submitted based on impact, creativity, style, subject matter, storytelling and goal effectiveness.

To apply for the festival visit this page

Video: These videos were made by Lifetree marketing and media for ITFF Africa

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