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15 September 2021 00:00

Interview: Rising living standard in China is important achievement - Cypriot party leader

Interview: Rising living standard in China is important achievement - Cypriot party leader

The rising standard of living of the Chinese people, as well as progress and innovation at all levels for the benefit of society, are important achievements for China, a Cypriot party leader has said.

"This is the result of a planned development of the country focusing on people's needs under the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC)," Antros Kyprianou, leader of Cyprus' left wing AKEL party, told Xinhua in an interview.

Kyprianou, who has visited China several times, said that most Western media would not show how these dramatic changes and great achievements were made for the benefit of the Chinese people, as such reports do not serve their narratives.

"The level of misinformation is frequently scandalous," Kyprianou noted.

He said that AKEL, the former communist party of Cyprus, has conducted excellent cooperation at various levels with its Chinese comrades, which is based on honesty and mutual respect.

Kyprianou praised the huge undertaking and successful achievements of China, a country with a sizable population that has still managed to combine economic and technological advances with social progress, adding that such achievements have demonstrated the potential of its developmental path of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Kyprianou said that China is playing a leading role in global trade, which is beneficial to other countries.

"All these unquestionably leave a positive image of China's contribution worldwide, and inspire various countries and peoples of the world, on the basis of their own specific conditions and choices, to achieve a path of development and independence," Kyprianou said.

Commenting on China's fight against COVID-19, Kyprianou said that undoubtedly China has shown that it is not only capable of effectively curbing the coronavirus, but can also offer solidarity and support to countries in need.

"The example of China has also demonstrated to humanity the importance of a welfare state, public health system and international solidarity," Kyprianou added.

Recalling the CPC in Dialogue with World Political Parties High-level Meeting in 2017, Kyprianou said it is certain that relations between political parties can strengthen the ties between countries and peoples.

Relationships in such areas as trade, culture, education and health are undoubtedly very important for the common interests of all parties, he said.

Kyprianou also said that a great example of this is AKEL's relations with the CPC, which in recent years have been strengthened and expanded at various levels, adding that his party values and considers this relationship as extremely important.

"The development of relations between AKEL and the CPC has always helped towards the mutual understanding and development of cooperation and exchanges between Cyprus and the People's Republic of China. A relationship that is based on mutual respect and from which tiny Cyprus benefits from trade and economic cooperation in general," the AKEL party chief said.

"The evolution of the People's Republic of China from an underdeveloped country to a country that puts people at the center of development, to a global and influential power, bears the stamp of the CPC," said Kyprianou.

He added that the successes of the CPC are due to its ability to be "innovative and modern in every era," Kyprianou said.

"The example of development that does not leave aside social development and that puts achievements in all areas at the service of the people, is a truly profound contribution of the CPC to international experience," Kyprianou said. 

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