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Иконка с часами 14 minutes 2 sec.
Ambassador of Ethiopia to Russia Uriat Cham Ugala/ “Joining BRICS is a growth opportunity for Ethiopia”
Иконка с часами 20 minutes 11 sec.
Douw Vermaak/ «Relations between Russia and South Africa are getting stronger»
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Anthony Phiri, Harare Institute of Technology/"The world needs to work together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions"
11.04.2417:12 Society
UAE joins media co-operation with BRICS countries through TV BRICS network
05.04.2415:17 Society
TV BRICS to promote Cuba's co-operation with BRICS+ countries in the film industry
01.04.2412:56 Culture
Viewers of Venezuela's parliamentary TV channel to see programmes about small towns in Russia
Иран Кения
02.03.24 09:05

Iran and Kenya express willingness to cooperate in the field of biotechnology

The Iranian side offered to launch joint scientific projects

Kenya's Ambassador to Iran Joshua Igweta Gatimo has called for the development of academic ties between the two countries. This is reported by Tehran Times, a partner of TV BRICS.

The diplomat stressed the need to expand the student and faculty exchange programme.

“Iran’s progress and self-sufficiency in biotechnology and genetic fields are astonishing,” the Kenyan ambassador said during a visit to the country's National Institute of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (NIGEB).

The diplomat in a meeting with NIGEB Director General Javad Mohammadi said Kenya would also like to cooperate with Iran in the treatment of cancer and infectious diseases. 

Mohammadi, on his part, said the institute welcomes interaction with all countries. He suggested launching joint projects in biotechnology and genetic engineering. The National Institute of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology was founded in 1989 under the auspices of Iran's Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.

NIGEB staff members are involved in both basic and applied research in various biotechnology disciplines. They consider the implications of technology commercialisation and the impact of developments on society, the publication said.

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11.04.2411:45 Education
Natalia Prokopyeva, Chairman of Board of Directors of Evalar, points out importance of sharing experience with foreign doctors and scientists
09.04.2410:30 Education
Russian Ministry of Education and Science to organise about 30 events within framework of country's BRICS Chairmanship
09.04.2408:31 Education
Chinese universities launch annual campaign to recruit students
06.04.2410:30 Education
Programme aimed at unlocking potential of professionals in the field of architecture is underway in Russia
30.03.2416:16 Education
Russia expands areas of pilot project on changing vocational education levels
21.03.2416:16 Education
Brazil's Chamber of Deputies approves main text of new document on secondary education
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Once a week we will cover news in the BRICS countries
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