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06 February

Lost Metropolis was Found in South Africa

Lost Metropolis was Found in South Africa

Archaeologists of the South African University of Witwatersrand have discovered the ruins of a once large cityon the outskirts of Johannesburg. There were 800 households inhabited by at least 10 thousand representatives of the tswan people in this ancient metropolis. It was reported by Science Alert.

The town is thought to be named Kweneng, and it was quite large and prosperous back in its days. It existed from XV to XIX century, and the approximate area thereof was 20 square kilometers.

Scientists have discovered the remains of stone passages for cattle. Presumably there were two fenced areasin the city centre, which occupied 10 thousand square meters. The local in habitants, apparently, were engaged in cattle breeding.

The discovery was made with the help of lidars – special devices to create a 3D picture of the surrounding space based on the absorption and scattering of electromagnetic radiation.

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