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10 January

MKR media project educational resource recognised best in Russia

The portal of the “Modern Russian” project topped over three hundred Internet resources about the Russian language and was recognized the best according to multiple criteria.

The portal of the International Information and Educational Project of MKR-Media “Modern Russian” was recognized the best among 300 Russian educational Internet resources, related to studying and teaching Russian.

Research was carried out by a scientific team of linguists from the Bashkir State Pedagogical University (in 2016 it acquired a status of a flagship humanitarian university in the Russian language promoting in Turkic-speaking countries and SCO member states) during two years within the framework of implementing the Federal Special Purpose Program "Russian Language" for the years of 2016-2020.

The specialists assessed the efficiency of the Internet resources and forecast their development.

The sites, dedicated to studying and teaching Russian, were assessed according to numerous criteria, among which reliability, verifiability, relevance and novelty of information, its objectiveness (is there one, or several researchers’ viewpoints presented), processability, usability, etc. The expert assessment, based on the criteria, was implemented by means of a specially developed site "Comparative Assessment Automated System".

The Internet resource, developed by philologist from Omsk gained the highest score (518) according to all the criteria and took the first place in the rating. The second place was taken by a site of A.S. Pushkin’s State Institute of the Russian Language (516 points), the third was an information reference portal “” (493 points).

According to Tamara Skok, during development of the portal of the "Modern Russian" project all the Russian and foreign users’ proposals and demands were taken into consideration. It started functioning in a new form in 2016, its start was associated with the Aleksandr Sergeyevich Pushkin’s birthday.

The portal’s mission is to create and accumulate a high-quality intellectual product in the sphere of philology and media-communications, aimed at improving the users’ literacy and, as a result, growth of their professional competence.

Besides, at the portal there is much useful information for teachers, press service employees, people, who deal with texts every day, as well as for those, who studies Russian in a distance-learning mode. The deep scope and friendly navigation became a recipe for the portal’s success and enabled it to become the best in Russia.

Tamara Skok, a Manager of the “Modern Russian” project, Director of the Department of Innovative Linguistic Projects “MKR-MEDIA” commented upon the victory in the rating for “The contemporary Internet environment is overfilled with philological educational resources of a various nature, so it is quite easy even for a professional to get lost in the offered products and be unable to compare their quality.

That is why the serious scientific research, helping to distinguish the best sites and portals, suitable for the Russian language studying and teaching, is so valuable. The analysis of Internet resources in Russian philology, performed by the linguists from the Bashkir State Pedagogical University within the framework of the “Russian Language” special program (2016-2020), enabled to compile the rating on the basis of strict criteria.

As a result of this research, there was a list made, containing the reliable sites and portals, with the help of which one may study Russian successfully. The portal of the MKR-Media project “Modern Russian” leads this rating. The second place is taken by the site of the A.S. Pushkin’s State Institute of the Russian Language, the third – a reference portal “”. We are very glad with this assessment of our effort, because the project’s portal today is a real expert navigator, helping the people from 154 countries to orient in the world of the Russian philology”.

The international information and educational project “Modern Russian” has been successfully working since 2007 and contributes to speech culture development for the population of 638 cities, from which 366 are the Russian cities and 272 – CIS and abroad countries.

The portal is visited by citizens of 100 countries. People from 29 countries use the project’s consultation services daily. In October 2018 there were successful negotiations with the Brazilian University of Sao-Paolo (Universidade de São Paulo) about a launch of joint projects within the framework of TV BRICS international editorial office, aimed at promoting the Russian language in the international community. The international video conferencing sessions are annually arranged with the leading universities of the world regarding development of the Russian language.

In November 2018 there was a video conferencing session between the philology specialists from Belarus, India, and Russia.

In preparation of this piece of news the material of the “Omsk zdes (Omsk here)” Information Agency was used:

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