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15 June 2021 18:59

More than 30 speakers will address the World Humanitarian Drive summit

More than 30 speakers will address the World Humanitarian Drive summit

The trilateral Global Summit convened by the World Humanitarian Drive (WHD) will take place in London on June 16 with participation of representatives from more than 25 countries, including politicians from India, Nepal, Albania and Morocco.

The main objectives of the summit are to promote the integration of the global economy and business in order to unite people of different professions and occupations.

The second summit is organized online because of the coronavirus pandemic, said Abdul Basit Syed, founder and chairman of WHD. He added that while it is not possible to discuss ideas and concepts in person, participants will be able to share their experiences and opinions during the meeting.

The official media partner of the event is the international network TV BRICS.

The international non-governmental organization World Humanitarian Drive was founded in the UK. The official branch of the organization is located in India.

The purpose of WHD is to promote ideas of humanism and peace through education, art, sports, science, and media.

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