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Reporting from the scene, from exhibitions, premieres and meetings at the highest level. Interesting...


20:30 The language of dance


The language of dance

Dance is a language understandable without translation. Presenter Aleksandr Kononov exploresnew danc...

30.11.2218:33 Society
TV BRICS was presented to participants of internship programme "InteRussia"
28.11.2214:22 Culture
First film of TV BRICS "Dostoevsky Intercontinental" won the film festival in South Africa
26.11.2215:41 Society
TV BRICS shares its experience in international distribution of travel programmes at IMBRICS+ Forum
India Russia
17.08.22 13:06

Moscow held "India Day" ethnic festival

The event was attended by two million residents and guests of the capital

India Day - a large-scale ethnic festival was held in Moscow. Two million residents and visitors to the capital visited it.

“This event commemorates India's Independence Day, first of all, we celebrate this particular holiday. And this year is special also because it is the 75th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between India and Russia," said Sammy Kotwani, president of the Sita Indian Cultural and Ethnic Centre.

This is the seventh time the festival has been held in Russia. According to the organisers, Moscow's weather has never failed them: contrary to all forecasts, it is always sunny in the capital on India Day.

There was an Indian bazaar at the festival with more than 120 stalls. Jewellery, spices, silk scarves, natural cosmetics and souvenirs, tea and even furniture were sold.

The Dream Island Landscape Park was divided into themed areas where everyone could find something interesting to do. The atmosphere was conducive to socialising and making new acquaintances, spiritual and psychological practices.

Guests of the festival could interact with Indian sages and yogis, attend a concert or tea ceremony, listen to lectures and take master classes in vegetarian cooking and crafts. There were 15 photo zones installed on the park territory.

Pawan Kapoor, India's ambassador to Russia, visited the festival. This year the two states are celebrating 75 years of friendship and cooperation. The same number of apple trees will now grow in the landscape park: as a sign of the strengthening of diplomatic relations, the guests of honor have planted an orchard.

"As we think about the future and develop, we must not forget our traditions and rituals. But we should not only remember our achievements, but also imagine what we can achieve in an alliance with Russia. It is our traditional partner and friend. The main strength of our cooperation is people. And as we can see here at the festival, this friendship is growing and developing," said the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of India to the Russian Federation.

The ceremony was attended by TV BRICS CEO Janna Tolstikova and the international network's partners. Including the Deputy Secretary General of the Union of Chinese Entrepreneurs in Russia. Xie Hua noted that India and China are not only geographical neighbours and colleagues in the BRICS group. The two countries are also linked by strong cultural ties.

The festival's organisers are confident that the friendship between the five countries will only grow stronger, and that this will bear fruit.

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TV BRICS took part at Asian Film Market Development and Distribution Cooperation Forum
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"Dostoevsky Intercontinental" presented at International Film Festival in South Africa
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The world's first perfume composed by a robot was unveiled in Moscow
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Russian-Chinese Symphony Orchestra performs concert to mark anniversary of two countries' Friendship Society
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China to strengthen its strategic partnership with South Africa
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China-Africa ties help realize shared future