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24.01.2319:00 Society
TV BRICS podcasts are now available on Apple Podcasts
20.01.2315:45 Society
TV BRICS to report on current events in Jilin Province in the "China News Review"
18.01.2310:45 Society
TV BRICS signs agreement with the Museum of the Special Purpose Garage of the Federal Guard Service of Russia
02.12.22 18:18

Northeast India is unique and unexplored region of country

Tourists can learn different languages and dialects, religions and traditions of the country

From backpackers and adventurers to high-end tourists looking for luxury, India is eager to embrace visitors once more, after months of closures due to the COVID pandemic.

The country has quickly revitalised its tourism industry after reopening its borders on 15 November last year, as reported by Pretoria News, a partner of TV BRICS.

With its stunning range of cultures, religions, traditions, food, architecture and landscapes, there's literally something for everyone in India, no matter what you’re looking for. But where should you start?

For those who have already been to India and are looking for a new take on this multifaceted country, or those who want to start exploring India for the first time, Arvind Singh, a senior officer at India 's Ministry of Tourism, recommends the Northeast.

"The Northeast of India is unexplored territory, it's beautiful," Singh says. 

The Northeast of the country borders Myanmar, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China and Nepal, and it includes seven states called the "seven sisters", these include Assam, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Mizoram and Tripura. Within these remote states, tourists can find the different tribes, languages, religions and traditions that make up the complex identity of this part of India.

These states are hardly visited by foreigners and tourists, though the scenery is absolutely breathtaking, and you could even spot some rare and endangered wildlife as the region has one of the highest biodiversity levels in the world.

Northeast India is one of the most ethnically diverse places on earth too, and the best way to approach the immense variety of cultures and traditions is to attend one of the many festivals which take place annually in the region between April and December, and to spend time with the locals staying at a homestay.

What are the transport links like in Northeast India?

Travelling across the Northeast isn't as easy as going to Delhi though. Assam and Meghalaya are the most visited states, and the easiest ones to journey across because they have better infrastructure than many of their sister states. Arunachal Pradesh is more difficult to visit, as it requires a special permit (the Protected Area Permit), and Nagaland isn't very well connected.

New to Northeast India? Here's where you should go.

The city of Guwahati, the gateway to India's Northeast in Assam, is probably the best place to start your journey through India's Northeast. Here you can visit the beautiful Kamakhya Temple a bazaar, and enjoy all the comforts of a city.

For a full immersion into India's unspoiled nature and a rare glimpse into the lives of the local wildlife, including one-horned rhinos, elephants, tigers and panthers, head to the Kaziranga National Park, in the heart of the state of Assam.

While in Assam, you should visit Majuli, an island you can reach by ferry boat from Jorhat. The landscape is otherworldly, and a visit here is made even more precious by the fact that the island is continuously sinking due to sediment discharge, and won't be around forever.

Where should you go in Meghalaya?

Moving onto Meghalaya, you should visit Cherrapunji, a natural area full of sightseeing opportunities including waterfalls, mountains, forests and the famous root bridges.

In the tiny village of Mawsynram, known to be the wettest place on Earth, you can find one of the most stunning landscapes in India, and the impressive Mawjymbuin Cave. A visit to Meghalaya wouldn't be complete without seeing Shillong, likely the most visited site in Northeast India. Surrounded by a mystical-looking fog, this city among the clouds is a dreamy spot for those looking to relax while also admiring the breathtaking nature.

If you obtain a permit to visit Arunachal Pradesh, you should see the picturesque villages of Dong and Tawang, still mostly unexplored by tourists.

You should also go to Agartala, in Tripura, to admire the region’s most stunning temples and visit Manipur, called "the Switzerland of India", for serene and spectacular landscapes and to visit Khangkhui Mangsor Cave., which is considered the oldest archaeological site in the entire country.

Photo: IStock
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