01 October

One Card Can Comprise All Documents of the Citizens of India

One Card Can Comprise All Documents of the Citizens of India

All main documents of India citizens can fit in one card in the nearest future. Data from passport, driver's license, voter registration card, and bank account, as well as biometric data, will be put on one data bearer – the uniform multi-purpose ID card. Such offer was made by the Minister of Internal Affairs of the country Amit Shah, a correspondent reports, with the reference to

What is more, the minister told about a new method of carrying out a population census planned for 2021. According to him, data will be collected via the mobile application.

"It will be the transition from paper to digital census", Amit Shah noted.

The minister said that the country also needs a system, in which information about citizens is updated automatically, for example, in case of a person’s death.

The idea to unite passport and other documents on one card is being discussed not only in India. As soon as next year, Russia is going to start issuing electronic passports. It will be a plastic card carrying passport data and such additional information as the driver’s license, the Insurance Number of Individual Ledger Account, and TIN.

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