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29 January

Russia Expects Brazilian Presidency in BRICS to Be Successful

Russia Expects Brazilian Presidency in BRICS to Be Successful

According to the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov, Russia is ready to render every possible assistance for this purpose.

"I expect that the year of Brazilian presidency in BRICS will besuccessful. We are ready to render every possible assistance to the Brazilian colleagues for the benefit of providing a productive Summit and other eventsincluded in the program of presidency", Ryabkov said in his interview to the "International Life"magazine.

As the diplomat noted, nothing can provoke jealousy or misunderstanding in any party of the international community.

"The work in BRICS is extremely transparent, it is aimed at the solution of specific objectives. You can see everything in documents. You can hear everything in speeches. Everything is carried out in order to encourage the BRICS countries to solve the problems they face", the Deputy Minister noted.

Ryabkov also said that he believes that, when the president Jair Bolsonarocomes into office, the development of the Russian-Brazilian relations, as well as the work in BRICS format, will receive an additional boost.

To recap, Brazil got the presidency in BRICS since January 1, 2019. The relevant decision was made at the summit of this informal association in Johannesburg in July, 2018.

The next summit of the group willbe held in Brazil.

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