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19 September 2021 15:28

Russia wants to launch self-driving trucks by the end of the year

Russia wants to launch self-driving trucks by the end of the year

BaseTracK, a Russian company, intends to launch commercial autonomous trucks on M11 motorway between Moscow and Saint Petersburg by the end of this year. As company representatives said in a conversation with Forbes, BaseTracK has already ordered nine Mercedes-Benz Actros 1845 trucks. Commercial transportation will run without driver participation - vehicles will be equipped with an unmanned control system. This was reported by the founder of BaseTracK Andrey Vavilin. 

It is noted that the Russian startup plans to release trucks on the road in 2021.

According to Vavilin, the first truck will be submitted for certification at NAMI (a leading research and development centre) in early November. The founder of the company said that this must be done, as driverless trucks will be able to get on the road in some regions of the country only after passing this procedure.

He also said that he expects a launch of the first commercial shipping later this year. The self-driving car will travel on the M11 motorway between Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

The remaining eight trucks will be delivered to BaseTracK only in the second quarter of 2022 (between April and June). Vavilin linked it to a global shortage of trucks. He added that over time, cars will also carry out driverless commercial deliveries.

The founder of the company said that its own autonomous trucks will allow BaseTracK to solve two logistical problems at once: a lack of drivers and low fuel efficiency.

Earlier it was reported that SberAutoTech company that is a part of Sber ecosystem, has developed and presented a future model of an unmanned electric vehicle.


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