Россия ЮАР
28 November

Russian Planes Have Won the South African Sky and Citizens

It’s not lions and rhinoceroses that are being captured on video in South Africa today. Russian strategic missile carriers Tu-160 aka the White Swans took away the breath of the residents of the South African Republic, reports a correspondent with the reference to

Thousands of videos and photos of Russian planes in flight have been downloaded to the SAR social networks. Pictures and videos show rocket carriers land on Air Force Base Waterkloof near Pretoria, and locals smile and pose against these planes.

There is really a lot of reasons for exaltation: the Russian planes flew over the Caspian, Arabian seas and even the Indian Ocean. Before they landed and pleased the residents of the South African Republic with an unplanned air show, Tu-160 had covered 11 thousand kilometers. At the last stage of the route, the Russian planes were accompanied by the fighters of the SAR Air Force.

For your information: the missile carrier Tu-160, aka the White Swan, can carry onboard up to 12 nuclear-tipped missiles. It can gather speed of 2200 kilometers per hour and rise by height of 21765 meters. Thanks to its wing geometry, it can fly at a range of 13950 kilometers.

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