12 August

South African Republic Suggests Investing in Cattle

South African Republic Suggests Investing in Cattle

South African Cattle has appeared in the unique smartphone application allowing to buy a share in a live cow. The concept is called Crowd Farming. Supporters of this idea have already invested in 2000 animal units. Some investors have 25 cows, and some own only a part of one animal, reports correspondent with the reference to

This innovative offer has brought a small farm to the international level. Its Executive Director Ntuthuko Shezi certifies that you can invest in a cow you like from anywhere on Earth.

The price starts from 40 dollars for part of a calf. And, for example, the whole pregnant cow can cost more than 1300 dollars. The application promises impressive 14% income in only 12 months.

All cows are insured against disease or death. However, profit depends on the world beef price fluctuation.

Analysts say that similar platforms attract more and more youth in livestock production.

The project was started in 2015. Today, 10% of investors of the application are the residents of other African countries.

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