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10:30 «Check List»
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«The language of dance»

Иконка с часами 14 minutes 2 sec.
Ambassador of Ethiopia to Russia Uriat Cham Ugala/ “Joining BRICS is a growth opportunity for Ethiopia”
Иконка с часами 20 minutes 11 sec.
Douw Vermaak/ «Relations between Russia and South Africa are getting stronger»
Иконка с часами 8 minutes 22 sec.
Anthony Phiri, Harare Institute of Technology/"The world needs to work together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions"
04.03.2418:31 Society
TV BRICS launches Spanish version of website
01.03.2414:17 Society
TV BRICS partner in Latin America teleSUR wins the ESG-Principles Headliners Award
29.02.2418:31 Education
Students from India to get acquainted with Russian Maslenitsa during the TV BRICS telebridge event
World News China Russia Qatar
03.12.23 12:30

The 5th World Media Summit starts its work in Guangzhou

The event is attended by representatives of 197 media outlets from 101 countries

The theme of the event is "Boosting Global Confidence, Promoting Media Development”. During the event, participants will discuss challenges and prospects of media space development, as well as work out innovative approaches and strategies to shape future global media trends.

Fu Hua, President of Xinhua News Agency, said that after the pandemic, the summit will be the largest face-to-face media summit in China and a significant event for media from around the world.

Fu Hua hopes that together with the summit participants, they can discuss how the international media industry can counter global challenges and promote peace, prosperity and progress.

"By working together, the world's leading media can open up new perspectives," said Fu Hua, President of Xinhua News Agency, at the opening ceremony of the forum. In the nearly 15 years since its founding, the World Media Summit has become an authoritative platform for global media co-operation, he added.

TV BRICS Media Network is an annual participant of the summit. In an exclusive interview with Xinhua News Agency, TV BRICS CEO Janna Tolstikova noted:

"The summit "provides a platform that encourages the exchange of experience between the world's media, that helps to identify the main trends and key challenges in the media industry and determine how to jointly respond to these. It will present a valuable occasion not just to showcase one's resources and work to colleagues from across the world, but also an opportunity to forge new partnerships, conduct practical negotiations and foster lasting connections for the future"

Janna Tolstikova CEO of TV BRICS


UN Under-Secretary-General Melissa Fleming urged participants to maintain people's trust in traditional media.

Melissa emphasised that experienced journalists can balance the flow of information on social media and provide accurate and objective information about important issues. She noted that supporting objective journalism is a UN priority. Melissa also called on social media companies to respect human rights, ensure user privacy and security, increase digital literacy and empower users.

Ahmed bin Saeed Al Rumaihi, Director General of Qatar News Agency (QNA), praised the opportunities that the World Media Summit provides for sharing experiences and developments in the media field in the face of globalisation. Regarding the role of the media, he said it plays a fundamental and multifaceted role in addressing global challenges: "This role includes monitoring events, disseminating information, analyzing problems, promoting discussions, and influencing decision-making," he said.

The summit is organised by China's Xinhua news agency. Representatives from 197 media outlets from 101 countries, including Russia, USA, UK, India, South Africa and others, are taking part in the event. The Vth World Media Summit will last until 8 December.

Photo: Xinhua News Agency


04.03.2418:31 Society
TV BRICS launches Spanish version of website
04.03.2415:35 Society
Excavations in Iranian province: archaeologists find traces of Arsanjan's ancient history
04.03.2414:17 Society
South Africa to spend US$74 billion on education, sports, arts and culture over next three years
04.03.2412:56 Society
Participants of the World Youth Festival discuss the prospects for BRICS development
04.03.2410:30 Society
China favours increasing employment rate
04.03.2409:05 Society
Lula da Silva believes that CELAC countries can become centre of global diplomacy through G20 and BRICS summits
28.02.2415:35 Society
Ethiopia's Accession to BRICS: Economic Growth and Political Co-operation
27.02.2415:35 Education
Rector of Russian University Alexander Bezborodov: By co-operating with dozens of universities in BRICS countries, we gain invaluable experience
22.02.2416:16 Economics
Fabio Borges: Russia is important for BRICS because of its economic and political power