23 June

The documentary film ‘No Place for Old Men?’ to be shown on Moja Media with TV BRICS support

The documentary film ‘No Place for Old Men?’ to be shown on Moja Media with TV BRICS support

The TV premiere of the documentary ‘No Place for Old Men?’ on the South African TV channel will take place on June 25. The film will be shown on Moja Media (TV BRICS international media partner in South Africa). Viewers from 30 African countries, where Moja Media broadcasts, will be the first to watch the Russian documentary in English.


The work of Alena Benzik, a journalist of Prodvizhenie Channel , called ‘No Place for Old Men?’, is the documentary on ageing problem and everyday routine of senior people in various countries of the world. The heroes of the film are residents of Russia, Armenia, Japan and the United States, ordinary seniors who told the filmmakers about their life and attitude to life.
The film, as explained by Alena Benzik, shows that it is not about the country, it’s about the attitude to life in each country.

"I would not like the audience to compare the standard of living of Russian and foreign seniors. You don't need to. I discovered the secret of a happy old age for myself: you need to enjoy every day of your life, " Alena Benziksaid .

Premiere of the film ‘No Place for Old Men?’ on Russian TV took place in the fall of 2019.

In March 2020, the film represented Russia at the PlayButton International Short Film Festival in India as part of special screenings of BRICS documentaries. TV BRICS international Media network was an official media partner of Play Button Short Film Festival.

Later, Alena Benzik'sfilm ‘No Place for Old Men?’ was shown in a special festival film block on TV BRICS channel along with thebest films of the Indian festival.
The film is available for free on TV BRICS website in the "BRICS Cinema" section.

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