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30 October

The Fourth BRICS Media Forum Is Starting in São Paulo

The Fourth BRICS Media Forum Is Starting in São Paulo

About 100 participants and guests have arrived in Brazilian São Paulo to the Fourth BRICS Media Forum that will be held on October 30 – 31. The co-host event of the largest media holdings from the BRICS countries will traditionally gather in one place the heads of the leading media from Brazil, Russia, India, China, and the South African Republic. The main topic of the 4th Media Forum is strengthening of mass media cooperation and creation of the common future for the BRICS group. The TV BRICS Deputy Director on Cooperation with International Organizations will be a speaker in one of discussion panels and discuss with the forum participants the role of media in promotion of practical cooperation of the BRICS countries and the multipolar world.

In addition, the International Media Network TV BRICS will participate in the Third BRICS Media Joint Photo Exhibition, which will be organized within the framework of the Fourth BRICS Media Forum, at the invitation of one of the key partners – the official state-run press agency of the People's Republic of China Xinhua.

The subject of the Photo Exhibition and the Media Forum is inextricably connected with the global mission of TV BRICS: strengthening of media cooperation and creation of the common future for the participating countries. Photos displayed on exhibition will show the people’s life, the achievements of Brazil, Russia, India, China and the South African Republic, the nature of these countries, as well as cooperation of these countries in political, cultural, economic, and scientific spheres. The organizers of the Third Integrated BRICS Photo Exhibition have selected 2 photos for participation, one of which is provided by the partners of the International Media Network – the online media "Siberian News Agency".

The official opening ceremony of the Photo Exhibition will be held on October 30 in the Cultural Center of São Paulo and will be covered by the TV BRICS’s information partner in Brazil, TV CULTURA São Paulo channel. The Xinhua News Agency and Brazilian news portal CMA have organized this event.

See the details on the official website of the International Media Network.

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