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Китай Новости мира
23 November 2021 15:21

The Fourth WMS held in China on November 22, 2021

The Fourth WMS held in China on November 22, 2021

The representatives from different news agencies discussed various topics on the margins of the fourth World Media Summit “Media Growth Strategy under the Impact of COVID-19”.

The main topics were:

•    Media Development: New Technology, Better Vision

•    Media Marketing: New Partners, New Market

•    In the Spirit of Science and Cooperation: Media Response in Public Health Emergencies

•    Media: A Bridge Among Civilizations

•    Media’s Role in Global Development

During the Plenary Session and the Session Two, Vice President of China Media Group, Yan Xiaoming gave his speech:

“When communication is difficult, Media, as a link of communication, needs to take the lead in finding new ways to communicate. The venturous professionalism of journalists has made us make for use of new technological achievements and form a new communication media. And the pandemic, to some extent, put the media to depend on Internet and further explore and expand media forms”.

“The platform and channels regardless of the scale and the format, needed to better disseminating formation…”. “Currently, professional platforms are more attractive than comprehensive platforms, such as video platforms, music platforms and platforms, specialized in some content. They are very attractive. So, at present, China Media Group has….48 TV channels and 484 traditional channels…”.

According to UN Resident Coordinator in ChinaSiddharth Chatterjee“…The UN and the media must speak to capture the imagination by offering concrete examples of how are global challenges can be solved”.

“Here the media has a responsibility towards its audiences to provide honest coverage and reporting and information based on facts”. “This is the media’s role in building a more just and more sustainable world”.

As for President of Xinhua News Agency, He Ping, he urges to hear to the principle of people first and life first.

“For the media a responsibility must be born is that journalists of all countries should promote global solidarity and a fighting the pandemic, play an active role in promoting common values of all mankind and building a community of a share future for mankind and achieve common development in promoting people's solidarity and promoting a social progress…”

“As media, it should be our common persuade, to hear to people-centered value and maintain human life, human value and human dignity”.

The Director of the Hindu publishing group, Narasimhan Ram, said, “The situation of the news media naturally reflects this picture. I don’t think, however, there is one to one correspondence, because of the overall national situation and the news media situation. It will be obvious for media practitioners and especially to the digital media front reports and success stories demand. Xinhua News Agency and some other news agencies and bigger organizations, represented here, are clearly in this category advanced players in each space.

“It is my impression that professional journalists and established video organizations and several countries have done a decent job of the informing and educating readers, viewers and listeners on the pandemic and its consequences…”

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