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02:05 Personal trainer

Personal trainer

Personal trainer

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Россия BRICS 24 june 16:06 Society
TV BRICS reports to be presented as part of a special project for BRICS Summit
BRICS 24 june 10:48 Society
TV BRICS network partners supported the BRICS Summit in a joint video message
Россия ЮАР 20 june 13:48 Culture
"More Precious than Gold" documentary international premiere will take place in South Africa
Россия 25 May 2022 09:29 Society

The Second Youth Internet Governance Forum was held in Moscow

Participants of the event discussed current trends in the development of information networks

Technological innovations and current trends in the development of information networks were discussed by the participants of the Second Youth Internet Governance Forum. It was held at the Digital Business Space in Moscow. Guests included businessmen, government officials, experts, newcomers to the industry and authors of promising projects. Some have already been praised by professionals.

Maxim Uryvaev, a freshman from Plekhanov University of Economics, conceived of a mobile app for finding professionals, where you can both recruit a team and gain new knowledge.

"You open our app, a few questions appear before you, you answer them. Let's say you fill in that you are a web designer. Then a map appears in front of you with recommendations based on artificial intelligence. Web designers or similar professions will be shown," said Maxim Uryvaev, a forum participant.

The development won the 'Best Educational IT Project' category. Its authors estimate that it is still about a year away from being released on the market.

In the "Contribution to International Cooperation in the Field of IT" category the best was the development by Arevik Martirosyan - "International Information Security School", which allows organising lectures, master classes and round tables with the participation of experts. The development competition is new to the format, there was no such thing in the first forum. The jury received about 10 applications from all over the country.

“I was surprised by such diversity of the presented works. There were works in the field of information security. There was a swing at the meta-universes. Therefore, it seems to me that the whole spectrum of IT was represented here," said Bella Cherkesova, Deputy Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation.

The organisers of the forum also held several thematic sessions, including a discussion on the development of cybersports. The speeches of the industry participants confirm that the development plans are ambitious.

The Youth Forum is part of the Russian Internet Governance Forum. This time it attracted around four hundred participants in the usual, i.e. offline, mode. Another 80,000 or so followed the online streaming via one of the social networks.



Китай 29 june 15:00 Society
Learning of nation's chinese language contributes a lot to international exchanges
BRICS 29 june 09:00 Society
Russia hosts the BRICS Future Skills Challenge Championship
Индия 28 june 16:00 Society
India's first mRNA COVID-19 vaccine to get Emergency Use Authorisation
Иран Аргентина 28 june 14:00 Society
Iran and Argentina apply to become part of BRICS
Китай 28 june 11:00 Society
Shanghai Disneyland to reopen after COVID-induced closure
ЮАР 28 june 09:00 Society
South Africa enhances innovation in tourism sector
Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi
“BRICS members have a similar approach regarding the governance of the global economy. Our mutual cooperation can make a useful contribution to the global post-Covid recovery.”
Cyril Ramaphosa
Cyril Ramaphosa
“Through the reform of the multilateral system, including the United Nations, and by refocusing the attention and resources of the global community on the sustainable development agenda, the BRICS group can support a sustained and equitable global recovery.”
Xi Jinping
Xi Jinping
"BRICS countries gather not in a closed club or an exclusive circle, but a big family of mutual support and a partnership for win-win cooperation."
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin
"Russia is ready to continue promoting close and versatile interaction with all BRICS partners and contributing to the group’s greater role in international affairs."
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Китай 29 june 15:14 Society
Learning of nation's chinese language contributes a lot to international exchanges
ЮАР 14 august 23:22 Culture
Do You Mind Black Fly Larvae Ice Cream?
Индия 07 june 00:00 Tourism
Kerala’s Iron Lady