03 October

Swiss Company Will Buy About a Thousand Russian Robots from Perm

Swiss Company Will Buy About a Thousand Russian Robots from Perm

About one thousand Russian service robots will go to Switzerland in 2019-2024. One company will not only buy them, but also acquire exclusive rights on their sales across the European Union, a correspondent reports, with the reference to Vedomosti.

The Perm company signed a contract with a Swiss company valued at 18.5 million euros. In total, they are going to export 999 promobots, 27 of which will go forth in 2019. The CEO of the Swiss company told that robots will be sold to e-stores, hotels, business centers, and airports. The contract requires opening of service centers and sales offices in Romania, Germany and Austria.

"We have chosen Promobot as the most perfect service robot from those available in the market. While most analogs are looking like nothing but simple gadgets, Promobot has the whole potential for bringing real advantage to business. The well-developed AI of the robot, structure features and functionality exceed similar products in robotics market. We are planning to start interactive applications which will partially work in autonomous mode, and partially be operated by the person through the telepresence service. We are going to develop applications for a concierge robot, an exhibition employee, and other service positions", cites the words of Gabriel Gantner, CEO of Advanced Robotics.

According to manufacturers, these independent androids can recognize speech, faces, answer questions, move, avoid collisions when moving and display information on their in-built screens, as well as interact with other systems and services.

The Russian promobot is rather mobile. It has seven degrees of hands freedom, just like a human. A degree of freedom means the possibility of the movement to the right-to the left, up-down, and rotation (a human hand has two degrees of freedom in a wrist joint, two in an elbow joint, and three in a shoulder joint). The robot can also move corpus and head.

The android recognizes speech by means of eight microphones. However, if it is too noisy around, the speaker has to stay in close proximity to the device.

But in silence, the robot will understand the person even if the latter speaks behind its back. By the way, promobot recognizes the speech of several people at once, but enters into a dialogue with the one who is closer.

Earlier, the same Perm enterprise signed a supply contract with an American company. They will delivery to the USA 2800 robots within five years. However, only 97 devices have been sent across the ocean, and so far, delivery has been suspended.

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