30 September 2021 09:07

The winners of "Revival of the BRICS peoples` hospitality traditions" video contest have been announced

The winners of "Revival of the BRICS peoples` hospitality traditions" video contest have been announced

The winners of the "Revival of the BRICS peoples` hospitality traditions" international online video competition have become known. Let us remind you that there were three nominations: "Traditional wedding ceremonies & celebrations", "Family Celebrations of the BRICS Countries" and "New Year and Other National Holidays". The jury, which consisted of 20 representatives of creative professions, selected nine works.

These included the "Wedding Celebration" clip by Depanchu Gupta from India, an accountant by profession. He talked about what formed the basis of his film. "This is not a staged event for a video shoot. It was my sister's real wedding. The wedding ceremony is still very important to us, which is why it is widely celebrated. There are 29 states in India. Each of them has its own traditions and customs, but at the same time there are common cultural canons that mean a lot to us. I am sure that only by knowing each other's culture, it is possible to achieve complete mutual understanding between peoples.” - the competition participant emphasized.

Amateur directors who took part in the event noted that no matter how different people are, they are united by their love for their national culture and their hospitality traditions.

"BRICS: World of Traditions" Regional Public Organisation President Lyudmila Sekacheva added that the project has become a creative socio-cultural communication platform for bringing nations together. “The competition was attended by people of different ages and social statuses: schoolchildren, students, the BRICS countries youth, our compatriots in these countries We've selected around 100 clips that came for the contest. From 50 cities and around 20 Russia's regions, from a number of states and provinces of China, India, Brazil, South Africa." - she said.

The award ceremony will take place in April next year at the BRICS countries Hospitality Festival. As part of the celebration, press conferences with representatives of the five countries, artists' exhibitions and master classes, and entertainers' performances will be held.

In addition, the organisers plan to make a film about the traditions and customs of the members of the association. It will include the clips by the winners. In 2022 the festival will take place in India.


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