03 December

Tourists Shower the Iguazu Falls with Coins

Tourists Shower the Iguazu Falls with Coins

The Iguazu Falls in the State of Parana weakened due to the lack of rainfall revealed one more problem. Tourists and, more likely, Brazilians themselves, are responsible for this. Due to the small amount of falling water, it is now possible to have a better look at the rocky walls. It has appeared they are covered with thousands of coins thrown into water. The park employees have already drawn out 329 kg of coins, which is a historical record for the park, reports a correspondent with the reference to G1.

For tourists, throwing a coin means an opportunity to make a wish, but for the reserve, it is an environmental problem. After all, it is forbidden. According to the biologist of Iguazú National Park Pedro Fogas, many coins are dissolved over time, and such heavy metals as nickel and copper get into water.

"We draw out coins which, for sure, have been here in the river for more than 30 years. They rust, heavy metal gets into water. As a result, we have chemical pollution affecting the food chain", says the biologist.

The majority of the fished-out money are Brazilian centavos. Then there are Argentine pesos and Paraguayan guaranis. They also found coins from China, Panama, Israel, Japan, Australia, Canada, South Africa, and Japan. Some coins have not been in circulation for more than twenty years.

In total, there have been collected 130 kilograms of foreign coins. All this "harvest" will be recycled. As for the Brazilian currency, they drew out coins for the amount of 14 thousand reals. This amount will be sent to one of 14 municipalities located around Iguazu National Park. A special tender will define who exactly gets the money.

The coins thrown into falls affect even animals, first of all fishes and waterfowl who confuse coins with food because of their shininess. Swallowed coins cause serious health problems.

Coin removing from reservoirs is also a very hard work. Such cleaning requires special safety equipment to reduce risks of accidents for the firefighters working there.

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